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with nothing important to say

2012/09/05 13:56
hello blog, i have not updated you in eons.

I get a lot of random visitors lately. Is that because of the romaji? well, thank you for visiting. I hope you make good use of those romaji. OTL

so... yeah i guess i have some updating to do.

I graduated high school this past june. I turned 18 in august. I guess I'm technically an adult in those ways now.

yeah... i guess that's it.


i seem to have lost the ability to rant here. I'm sorry.


2012/03/13 12:58
What's Your Blog Wanted For?

Created by OnePlusYou

Just. Yes.


2012/02/12 00:39
my cat wrote you a blog entry.


euh. happy new year

2011/12/31 18:12
(this entry was written a week ago, but I'm only now sending it. ah... 8D;;)


Merry and Nicolaus, because this is the first BuzzG song I've adored since... probably since GALLOWS BELL. I mean like.. I kind of liked some of them in there, but BuzzG's style just... I dunno, I'm not really particular to it? 8DDDD;

I-IT'S SO CUTE. OH GOD ;A; <3 I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC SO MUCH OTL and buzzg does a wonderful job of capturing... that christmas music feel without taking away from his own style =w=; and aaa poor nicolaus, don't die ;A;

I haven't updated recently 8D;

Uh, so what to say...

well, I've been so busy lately... it's kind of sad OTL but it's also exciting, so it's ok. Talking to people makes me so happy I can hardly stand it >.<

and I've been talking to a lot of old ytc people lately ^_^

<3 <3 <3

It's kind of like... the past. No, I don't really want to say that. What is it like? Hmm. Some sort of updated past maybe. It all feels very nostalgic. But perhaps it's actually better now for me... before, it was like... I was at a weird spot age-wise... I was the border between the older people and the younger people, and even though I thought myself mentally fit enough to talk to the 16 and 17 year olds... it's all too understandable now that I wasn't mature enough at al |D;;

even now, I don't think I'm mature enough, but I'm certainly a lot closer. So...

... I don't know, it seems different. OTL

But. Back to stress. I think I literally broke down a little over a week ago. oops. OTL this is why procrastination is bad, little cat

^ -procrastinating right now-


But. Bad things happen when you complain. I realize now. Even though... it's ok to complain to your goddamn blog, complaining to real people... it's something I at least should never do. My life's too worry free. I'll just accidentally offend someone if I start to complain, right?

I felt really bad about that happening, so I decided to stop all together. Or at least try to stop. Anyways, it's not like I can't just go straight here and rant. OTL

... Well I really don't make any sense today huh.

Anyways, I duetted with my little dot last week :D my first duet~ and it was on her birthday <3 song was egomama. I'm lazy to look it up and get a link though. sorry. 8D mitto's so good at everything OTL it's like 'howwww'

Well. Yeah, busy, so bye.

123... NO TAME NI

2011/12/10 21:06
This entry, we have...

... how should I format these now?


I still want to share a song at the start D<;; but not with a prompt...


watch the below with caution if you haven't seen up to the... like... 7th or 8th episode of Mawaru Penguindrum. Because spoilers.

Because that's been stuck in my head since I started watching it (two days ago 8D)

I'd heard a lot about it, and so I decided to bingewatch it and try and catch up... and I'm totally in love with the first OP. Who isn't? It's magical. Such a cute voice ;A;!!! but the full version is... epically long. 8D I feel like I'm listening to some magical adventure. Dat series though is like... whaat 8DDD I just finished episode 14 and... every time I think I've figured something out, they add another plot twist 8D that makes it hella addicting though. I'm happy to be catching up. ;w;

Himari also looks suspiciously like that girl in the Konbini PV. 8D i-it's all I can think when she wears that blue and white striped dress top 8D

Uh... ok... 100 Facts.


... where to start. 8D


#1. I'm stubborn beyond belief. 8D

Uh. That's kind of obvious, yeah, but.. I think part of it normal people can't understand;; I mean... I decided my future career when I was four years old. Four. Why? What does that mean, that I didn't have second thoughts at all this whole time? For thirteen years, no doubts? No, I had a lot of them. I'm scared. I'm always scared. What if I didn't choose right? What if that's not what I want to do after all?

... I mean, I love art, but it's impossible to turn back now. I'd let down too many people...

... it's not that I want to, but... I get discouraged so easily, what if I can't? What if I'm just dooming myself? I lost the way to escape...

#2. I'm pretty much addicted to chewing gum...

That's such a happy one after that last one 8D;; but it's so true. Gum is the best =w= well besides pasta...

my favorite favorite gum is Trident Tropical Twist 8D

... idk what else to say about that 8DDD;;;;

#3. I'm a bit of a late anime fan ///

Well. How early can I be? I'm only 17 ;; which I guess is pretty old compared to the protagonists of the shows I'm watching, but it's not old enough to be a /real/ early fan xDD

Even so, the first time I thought 'I'm watching an anime' (and well stuck with it), I was 12. I'd already started my first manga (furuba), and watched some episodes of pokemon/inuyasha/naruto, but I hadn't watched a show.

Sailor Moon it was. For some reason I did not ever watch it as a kid, or even saw it on TV, so this was completely new for me XDD

Oh, also, it was my first Japanese-subtitled show too oAo)b since I watched the bits of the others in english dub... Actually, I was gonna watch English Sailor Moon, but then the first episode I could find in English was the fifth one, so I decided to start with the Japanese subs. And by the time it was episode 5 (which was actually like 8 I think) I didn't even want to watch english dubs anymore 8DDD)b

... Ah, I don't really have any more time =3=;;;;; uuhhh.. run with those for now. 8D




2011/12/10 20:14
Future portal post?

Dunno, too lazy to set anything up now. But I want one just in case. Real entry after..

EXTREME nerding

2011/12/05 22:58
Second to last challenge! Finally!!!

Day 29 - A song from your childhood

... vocaloid childhood? the hell is that? @_@

uhm... maybe my early days as a vocaloid fan? or... maybe a song sung by vocaloid that I did love as a child... hm...

... oh, I know. Here's one that's both.

~song challenge headquarters~

Kaito's cover of Memory from Cats, which I found after about a month of being a Vocaloid fan.

Hm... I saw Cats when I was 11, I think. And I guess 11 isn't /really/ a child.. if I reflect, my thoughts from that time sound remarkably more mature than my thoughts before that year... but it counts! Because I say so! It's my goddamn blog!!!

But Cats is a honestly weird musical @A@ when I saw it I was so confused... even if I went and saw it again I think I'd be confused @AAA@

Ah, but... this song...

... it seems like I go on such tangents every time I post a song, but I can't even begin to describe how Kaito's cover of this song makes me feel. It's like a deep ache in my stomach, something throbbing in my heart.. no, I know. I think... I think it's me wishing with all my might that Kaito was real.

... That sounds stupid. Uhm, let me explain. Sure, we've got Naoto Fuuga, but he's not... he's got a beautiful voice, but he doesn't sound quite the same. I don't know. Kaito's just got this... warmth in his voice. And usually, he just sounds cute, but sometimes, the P really knows how to tune him, and that warmth is multiplied exponentially. And his voice just.. sparkles. No other Vocaloid has even a small percent of that warmth.

And that P... KonkiP, is it? I don't really know much about them, but... I'm looking through their songs, and they've done three or four of my favorite Kaito songs *A* they really are good... *_*


So, I guess my mood's a little better again. I really have incredible friends. I don't nearly give enough thanks to them. What amazing people... OTL why do you choose to like me? I don't get it.

Kitto: ... does mitto read my blog anymore anyways? 8D
Mitto: 8D
Mitto: guess 8D
Kitto: no 8D?
Mitto: 8D
Kitto: idc if you do or not 8D actually I'm such a pain I think I'd prefer it if you didn't 8D
Kitto: ... that was the wrong thing to say. now you're probably gonna go read it. dammit 8D
Mitto: I've never stopped reading it 8D

... I was kind of pissed, because honestly, half the time I'm so depressing in this blog that it starts to annoy me, but... more than anything... touched beyond belief. Mitto... you're always looking out for me, aren't you? I'm sorry I tend to forget that...

so, here's to amazing people. -clink-


Been animeing a lot lately. I'm not sure if I already blogged this, but right now I'm watching three airing series 8D)b for someone who's first real-time series was the last two episodes of Madoka, this is big, man 8DDDDDDDD

What shows?

- Sekaiichi (duh)
- Chihayafuru
- Mirai Nikki

I want to psan about the second two. Because I've already spazzed several times about Sekaiichi. 8D

Chihayafuru is sooo pretty aammggggg. It makes me look up karuta videos. And then I laugh at those comments that say 'Chihayafuru sent me here!!!!1111!!!'. And then I realize I'm doing the same exact thing. 8D;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

butsrsly. it's like. yes. Ah, but the 3D bugs me. 3D always bugs me though. Have I said that before? Well, it does. CG bits bug the crap out of me. they haven't gotten to the point yet that it looks like the 2D bits. They've improved tremendously, but it's not there yet. 8D)b;;

Oh, and there's this one point in the opening where Chihaya's head is freakishly long. Uhm. When they're panning out on the school and Chihaya's in front of it and her hair's blowing in the breeze... her long long heaaadddd.

BUT OTHER THAN THAT. I swear to god I was crying on the third or fourth episode. It's so wonderfully shoujo... but without like... the typical weak female lead and the typical lovey-dovey romantic aspect... er. Well. I know that's coming. But it's not here yet. And the love triangle's getting complex. I'm almost starting to question who will win... well, of course, my money's still on Arata. They have the whole destined 'King and Queen' thing going. But Taichi's putting up one hell of a fight. OAO;;


I-I'm really getting obsessed with it. *//////* so good.... although I can't lie, the random shounen-y fanservice moments piss me off so much. Whyy. I don't care about Yuno's boobs whyyyyyyyy.

... everyone everywhere will hate me for this, but at first I did not like Yuno. Her voice. 8D but she's growing on me fast now. Such a well done yandere. And her killer-mode voice more than makes up for how hard it is to listen to her cute voice.

Uhm. This is really random, but... Amano's surname makes me think of Italian food. 8DD er wait, there's this restaurant chain in NH and other new england states called Amato's. It's not such a hard connection. But srsly. All I think of when his last name is said is Italian. And I love pasta so then I get hungry. OTLOTLOTL.


... yes. That is the true reason I like his character. /////////////

Oh, yeah. I guess I've been using my tumblr more. I pretty much only reblog right now, but you can follow me if you wish?

This will always be my real blog though. Tumblr's just so... public. I feel so much more protected here. =////=;;

On to more anime stuff.... or actually, manga. I'm not really a big manga reader... for some reason anime's a little easier to keep track of.



Uhm. God. I was 11 when I started it. Maybe even 10. I didn't understand it at all... I really owe that series a reread OTL

but I have this thing where if I start a series through physically reading the manga, I have to finish through physically reading the manga. I've actually never watched the end of Death Note because I still have to read the final volume. But I finally found the 23rd volume of Furuba in the town library and I checked it out and read it. It was good, but I felt kind of sad. I mean... it was my fault for taking so long, but.. I didn't understand enough to be happy with it, I guess. orz maybe next time =w=;;

And... also...

in my school library, I found a miracle manga.

A brand new, shiny, HARDCOVER with select pages in color copy of Hourou Musuko.

I very nearly screamed. I'm not kidding.

I was the first person to ever check it out, too =////= I just read it today and I'm so happy aaaaaaaa =//////////= so beautifullllll....

Oh! but, at the end of the manga, there was a long editor's comment that talked about gender in Japanese society, and how it was possible to talk about someone without ever saying their gender... and it got me thinking... What if it was possible to write an entire series without ever giving anyone a gender?

And I don't mean like... be obvious about it. I mean just... not even drawing attention to it. Just have it there, and have the characters dealing with entirely different issues on top of it. But falling in love, too... I mean... like... the series would progress as if gender did not exist.

... or so I was thinking. The concept is really intriguing me, but I'm not sure I can do it any justice... but I'll certainly do my best to come up with characters sometimes, so tell me what you think!!

Well, see you later!

(Oh, this entry was very not depressing. Even though it was barely on me... I'm happy. ;w;)

because mood whiplash

2011/11/24 00:51
-messes with everyone's heads-

I feel a little better and realized I forgot some things. Stopped crying. Yeah.

Uh, I've been gaming a lot lately. Visual novels mostly. Beat my first one earlier today. It was a lot of fun ;-;)/ now I need to play moreee. But for some reason a lot of games have weird looking graphics. OTL

recommendations? gimme. Anything really. Preferably romantic but will bypass for good plot. Straight, GL, or BL. Especially BL. 8D

What game did I play?

... 8D I'm not telling. It was BL and it was perverted, ok? A woman needs her secrets. >///>~

actually, it was far far too perverted for my tastes. It scarred me a little actually .__.; let's keep to cute sex ok? let's not get into BDSM stuff. ;;w;; s-scary

... so why did I beat it?



also, happy thanksgiving.

rolling caaake

2011/11/06 15:55
internet back. yay. \o/

Day 26 - A song that you can play on an instrument

... an easy one today. =3=;; it's been a while since one has been this easy....

~song challenge headquarters~

... the entry didn't say 'able to play well', ok?!

basicallyy, the only instrument I can play is violin, and it's been a long time since I've played it (I had to quit my school's orchestra this year due to a particularly brutal schedule conflict Dx) And... I really suck at violin. 8D like I'm absolutely awful, no exaggeration. but rolling girl's in a really good key for violin-playing, so I taught myself the basic melody owo; so there you have it... this is really the only option I have here, so forgive me. 8D;;;

I haven't had much time to write lately. I'm sorry.


2011/11/02 16:42
Day 25 - A song that makes you laugh

~song challenge headquarters~

choose me CHOOSE ME choose me CHOOSE ME

Seriously, this song is just... innately silly. I mean, Hyadain left his genderbent-self girlfriend for a computer program? And the best part is how seriously the song pretends to takes itself, like a good parody should. xDD And for this reason, I smile. Teehee. =3=

I found this song through Rin, Rin, and Mong's dub last year (one of my all-time favorite dubs of anything, for sure OAAO)b ) But, it's strange how, if you change the characters into real people, the song gets serious. oAAo;;;

I feel weird listening to japanese music in the library. =A=;; afraid everyone can hear it... it's been a long time since I've been self-conscious of my music. OTL I hate that feeling...

Hmm... I don't really have much to say today. We have power, but comcast apparently turned off internet to the whole town? I don't know. Stupid cable. =A=;;

I'll talk more later, I guess. Byebye. o/


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