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Day 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasure

2010/10/05 18:57

I have a really bad habit of despising songs that instantly get popular just because the producer is popular. ;w; song popularity should be because of a good song, not because the P in general is good. ;w; therefore, I hated Mozaik Role when it came out. ;w; but soon enough, the song won me over... orz I'll admit it, the song deserves to be so highly viewed. ;3;

... I feel like writing about my favorites. o3o

- Kagamine Len, Kaito, Kagamine Rin. (in said order)
Most-listened-to vocaloid- Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin. (I STILL LOVE LEN AND KAITO THOUGH ;A;)
Producers- FurukawaP~ but I'm also a reasonable-sized fan of many Plutonius, LiveP, DECO*27, papiyon, Dios/SignalP, IwashiP, etcetc. o3o;
Pixiv artists- Sora, yummy, GAZE, NEGI, shiki, maza-, Akiakane... I HAVE TOO MANY AAA (coughmostlykailenpeoplecough)
Nico Singers- NODOAME <3 Akiakane, MachigeritaP, kunkun, Valshe, 96Neko, and sorta Soraru. ;w; -gotta listen to him more aaa-

OK enough favorites. bai~

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