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AB 2011

2011/04/24 23:19

I've been extremely busy lately, forgive me.

But here's a nice long update to put you to sleep 8D




This year was really great. Ah ♥ For some reason... AB really is the one time a year where I am very loud and very friendly and very outgoing and very very obnoxious all the time. 8D;;; It's a huge contrast, honestly...

Normal IRL Kitty: (^_^) Hi...
Shy Day IRL Kitty: ( '_' ) e-eh... h-hi...
ABified IRL Kitty: (@W@)!!!!efFD2GH$#FDS(X*#@*NEdSGFW*#NEZMX(NZNM6A7

something like that =w=;

I made a flickr for AB pics. So if you want to see 'em, go here

There were three highlights to this con

- Seeing Sparkly man again
- Vocaloid Photoshoot
and last but actually BEST not least


... a-anyways..

Well, for starters, this was my third AB. I feel like an old-timer now~ but I've never been to a con other than AB, or been to AB for more than one day, so euh. OTL

We went on saturday only ;n; Maybe next year, we'll stay over ;w;!!

But, the night before, I went over to a friend's house, where two of my friends painted T-shirts and I worked on my headphones (which I didn't even wear pffty)

then we woke up at 4:30 AM, and we left eventually and we spazzed during the hour-long ride to boston and then took the T and spazzed on the T and THEN WE WERE THERE. AND WE SPAZZED.

I was Kasane Teto again. They went as Warbler Pips, from Glee~

Uhh, so sparkly man... he runs a booth at AB, in the artist's alley. And last year, I spent like HALF THE CON (and way more than half my money 8D;) at his booth. So this year, we had an EPIC REUNION HUG AND IT WAS FUN *W*~

Then I ran into a Panty who took off her panties. It was epic. 8D

Theeen Vocaloid photoshoot!! MAN IT WAS CRAZY AT FIRST )< The first location was too close to the exits, so we had to move to a staircase. Then, the staircase was cleared for a medical emergency, so we went into a hallway. Then, the hallway was too small, so we had to go upstairs. THEN IT WAS OK. 8D;; but we lost like half the group by then. ):

There were a bunch of Tetos this year =w= last year, I was the only one... I'd like to think it was because of me, but I know it was because of fukkireta 8D;;; oh, but there was a Ted oWo!! I'd never seen a Ted cosplay before, and it made me so happy. 8D There are now probably 10 or so pics of us hugging floating around the internet 8D~

There were also a lot of PV cosplays...

there was this one Papapanda Hero duo who were amazing. I don't even know how to explain it =w=~ Like... they did the mouth pully thing, and they posed really well... it was just cool.

Oh, and here was also a setsugetsuka group *A* they were sooo good, I almost passed out when I saw them ;; (... and I'm not kidding. almost fell right over. ;;;;;;;;;;;) I saw them for the first time in the food court, too, surrounded by people. OTL

AND IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH, DURING THE PHOTOSHOOT, THE KAITO AND GAKUPO STARTED KISSING. Like, passionately kissing. We all then ruined our cosplays with blood from our noses. *.,*


I squealed when I saw them, and I think I scared them. OTL But their cosplays looked soo professional. *A*

And there was a secret police group *w* all five... they really looked cool!! I didn't get a pic of them all together, but I got them all individually. Plus one or two of the Kaito hugging the Meiko. That was so cute ;A;~

And and others too! There were at least two Rukos, some matoryoshkas, half of an AHS group (Miku + Rin + Len), one pair of Append twins, and even a Big Al~ And the young Luka from the JBF PV! OAO~ And others too. What creativity this fandom has *w*!

While all this is going on, I'm frantically texting Twitter every two minutes trying to make sure I get to deliver my present to Shoy 8D She didn't even wake up until 2:30ish, and Mr. Brother left her letter at the hotel and left the con for OVER AN HOUR to get it (;A;!! so nice of him OTL).


best day ever <3

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