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2011/10/29 20:53
Day 24 - A song that you want to play at your funeral

~song challenge headquarters~

Time Machine.

This... is more depressing than I originally wanted to pull out for this one. But... this song... is quite important to me. (and its sequel song is deserving of a special mention too. *A* ) However... the translation of this song... it's quite vague OTL even after all this time I'm putting my own feelings onto the song =w=;; and my feelings... at first, I only wished to sing it, but, the more I looped it, the more important it became. Beautiful, beautiful song. Stay healthy. ;w;

Time Machine = Train. It travels on the Future Line. Ohohoho. I felt stupidly clever when I figured that one out. =3=;;;;;;;;

in other things



ugh. ew.

we're gonna probably lose power so I leave you with a short entry today. Byebye, sorry. =3=;;

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