僕は君のため  君は僕のため

because mood whiplash

2011/11/24 00:51
-messes with everyone's heads-

I feel a little better and realized I forgot some things. Stopped crying. Yeah.

Uh, I've been gaming a lot lately. Visual novels mostly. Beat my first one earlier today. It was a lot of fun ;-;)/ now I need to play moreee. But for some reason a lot of games have weird looking graphics. OTL

recommendations? gimme. Anything really. Preferably romantic but will bypass for good plot. Straight, GL, or BL. Especially BL. 8D

What game did I play?

... 8D I'm not telling. It was BL and it was perverted, ok? A woman needs her secrets. >///>~

actually, it was far far too perverted for my tastes. It scarred me a little actually .__.; let's keep to cute sex ok? let's not get into BDSM stuff. ;;w;; s-scary

... so why did I beat it?



also, happy thanksgiving.

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