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another blog?? it's not a competition though!

2013/05/22 23:00
woow i put up a challenge thing and then i neglect it for a while

but anyways, i finally started a romaji lyrics blog, please go check it out:

'romajio' was a typo i made once when writing romaji for an older entry over here, and i really for some reason like how it sounds;;

you can also intepret it as a pun on 'romeo and cinderella' :D like... 'romajio and singderella' 8DDDDDD;;;;

b-but then even with the pun i named it 'romaji soup?' lolide

i used blogspot because i love fc2. yes this makes sense. because. i don't want to have to log out of okortei in order to work on romajio :(

most of it's old romaji right now, whether i transferred it from my notepad files or from this blog |D this also explains the rapid as shiz posting rate, which will now slow (i only wrote out night walker and kitsune no shoujo after creating the blog, although the tokyo real world set was what finally made me create it)

and yeah a lot of those older songs i posted have romaji everywhere now, but pls remember that when i made the romaji that was not so. a-and i want to post it just for old times sakes

i also have my set of tokyo caster romaji but i felt too like attatched to them to post it like 'no my tokyo caster go away'

Oh, but the reason why i'm posting this:

if you wanna help me out, even just once in a while, just drop me a message here or on twitter or smth and i'll figure out how to invite you to the editor's list =w=;; i mean the more editors, the more romaji gets written out and posted so =///=;;

however if you wanna help, you have to use that tag system and credit everything and link to everything and you gotta hand-write or at least hand-check the romaji, so no machine errors >C yes i'm super strict >CC

or at least like. tell me when you post so i can go edit it and add that stuff |D;;

okay yeaaaah byeeee pls check it outttt)/

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