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2014/01/29 21:37
wow, it has been quite a while huh.

for one thing my birthday passed again i am now 19 been 19 for half a year almost now. actually that's kind of wow, there's thoughts i thought out when i was 15 archived here, right? and now it's so much later and you can't help but wonder just how much you've grown.

well actually i don't need to wonder cuz it's obvious i've changed since then. i don't even need to read back through my past entries to know, although it'd probably shock me more if i did so. i'm a very different person. more mature maybe. perhaps less compassionate. i think it's okay, though. I mean, growing up is growing up. things are gonna be lost.

I almost thought I was done with blogging and i kind of am it's just i thought of something today and i felt the need to write about it so here goes??

when i try to think of characters one of the first signs that a good character is really starting to form is when the character comes up with a contradiction. actually its funny if you read a book or play a game just how many characters don't have contradictions, but i'm certain i've never met a single person without one. and well i guess kind of flat characters is fine if it's a game that's not really focused on characterization but if it is, you, colonel game-or-book-or-whatever-maker sir, have failed thoroughly. :(

buttt when it comes to real life, the magical wonderland where EVERYONE hAS FLAWS, we just spend our time trying to hide them. i mean, not in that 14 year old emo "she smilz 2 hid her pain" way. i mean in the super adult world way


there was this workshop thingy and they told us to all make linkedin and to keep it updated with our image and how we should carefully build our image and wear clothes that suit our image and talk to people who have similar images and whatnot

and i'm sitting there like "wait wait a second so the big secret to being an adult is giving up your individuality???"

like what how does that even why would you want to employ a 2d character in your office

i dunno tho as a future employee of the art world i know that i can take most of that stuff with a grain of salt, and by a grain i mean a truckload like at that workshop thing they were also like "dress conservatively wear a simple classic outfit with little color" and i'm like "lol"

like can u imagine that;s like the opposite of most art crap. i mean don't come in dressed as a hooker but they want you to look fresh and modern and above all interesting? hello this is the future your creativity is influencing the future don't come in lookin like clone #235693023 ya know?

i dunno i just wanted to say that messing up is human and expecting us not to mess up is a mindset that will only lead to anxiety disorder but actually i don't think i said that at all. u_u

ah well.

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