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2013/05/08 15:03
why so many entries lately idk

I just like leaving short pointless splats lately it seems

but anyways, I do finish my semester sometime this week. just... pretty much whenever i finish my final projects ahahaa

i want to start a challenge again. 'n'; because i want to blog more often again OTL i found one on tumblr, i'll post it in a few minutes;; but i'll start next time eheeeee ;;;

Right now, i'm listening to yuki no hi... and i kind of remembered a thought i've had before...

people always seem to have like... seasons, hm? idk. actually i think more of a couple having a season, and it's surely more clear cut in fiction;; but like yeah idk people have them too. like a spring person is kind of fresh, you know? and summer person is like loud and boisterous and stuff and fall is kind of serene but like also sort of fleeting and a winter person is a warm, small sort of thing. it's weird because I like spring- late spring into summer, aka now, the most, but i think perhaps a winter person is the best, because it's something like that. hmm.

but you can't really judge what type of person you yourself are, hmm... i wonder where i fit...

... somehow fall seems the most realistic, not fair, i totally dislike fall. but si i i igh.

harry tweeted something like that the other day, like he can only write winter songs or something ehehe

it's funny and true; all of his songs are kind of winter/early spring ish. like... hm, like tokyo caster perhaps is very late fall, and yuki no hi i actually think is first snowfall even though it was released in february, and hmm mikadzuki that is like the first day of winter hmm and chikyuu no akichi, i think that is a song for the new year's, it's remembering and moving on and just everything and sleipnir is perhaps trying to escape it in the middle of winter heaven is sort of that suffocating end of winter and gekkou is like that first warm day in winter i think, sort of echoing mikadzuki i think of those songs together a little, and then taiyou no soujuushi is like the first day of spring... and i'm gonna stop there cuz i'm a little lazy also i don't know his earlier songs as well;; although zipper zipper is probably right before taiyou

oh oops i forgot earth day... well actually... i find earth day very late spring. it's got the joy in the air and everything's bright and smells like spring and flowers go everywhere in late spring and the color of the new leaves, how bright a green it is, and it just explodes. I love may.

I really make not so much sense today, it seems. My grammar is absolutely terrible. What a weird cat I am. But whatever.

one of my final projects was making like a stripey thing mixing colors and using color theory in order to show how one season swishes into another, actually we were supposed to make two of them, that's probably why i am thinking of this but besides that i did transitions from winter to spring and summer to fall... well, in particular, the first one i did from february to may, and second was july to october... but anyways like the first one started off kind of light, then went down into chromatic neutrals for marchapril and in the end had just like a build up to brighter colors and then the may part was just like full saturation. the second started off slightly pale, but then went to full bright, and kind of abruptly faded off into dark around the late august part. I love august because it's my dear birth month, but i think if that were not the case i would not like the end of august very much, it is stressful because fall is there and it feels heavy and uuughhh fall but yeah. My mother yells at me for hating fall but i cannot help it, she says since we live in the northeast we should be very thankful for fall because it is beautiful, but well yeah it is pretty but i don't know it's just so scary because very soon everything is bare and it's ugly and i can't stand it.

well for now this is spring, right? spring spring spring. hehe. it's bright and warm and flowery.

it might be a kind of weird thought, but i was thinking to myself that when i die, i hope i die in springtime. i don't know, i don't want to leave this world with the outside so dark like in late summer through winter. hm. spring is much better.

today is humid in a way that summer is humid i think. rain is gross but it's kind of funny.

i got to help out the preschool class i was observing today, they needed an extra person to watch a group and i was there so they recruited me. i helped some of the kids i watched all semester play tennis. they're adorable. and they liked me. they walked over me a little bit. but they're still total sweethearts. that really made my day a lot nicer, i wanted to hug them and tell them i loved them but that uh that's not really possible. it did make me want to see if i can work there next semester. well. i mean i do have the library but. hmm. oh but i get to watch kids this summer sort of so that's cool beans. but they're older since i'm not helping out a camp class. ehehe.

well i have one more essay to write, i should stop writing nonsense and get to work;;


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