僕は君のため  君は僕のため

2013/05/10 14:52
i'm sorry this is pointless but i just wanted to say out of nowhere that i really really like kaito's voice, and i always will. it's weird, everyone's like 'kaito v1 sucks' and well it's so hard to use yeah but goddamn some people just made it sound fantastic and v3 is cool too, straight is kind of sexy and soft and whisper... well they're nice although i also wish that we got a power type append |D and english is... well it's kind of weird but he does sound okay, it's just weird accent. way better than luka though

actually i'd love to know if it would be possible to tune kaito english into a japanese kaito power;; it's a little stronger so??

lol though everyone loves miku dark but i swear to god i love vivid append it's soo wonderful ahhhh. and kagamine... well kagamine powers are most appreciated append actually so yeah. that makes me happy.

baaaack to essay.

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