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Day 7

2010/08/07 10:48
Ahh... a song reminding me of a certain event... hmm... >A<;

That song reminds me of... ahh, how do I explain it... ahh! Me getting into vocaloid. World is Mine was one of my first vocaloid songs, and it... reminds me of that? Because I went to download the Len version World is Mine, but I accidentally downloaded the selfish prince version. OwO;;

... uhh... I'll get something else. =A= ;

Glider PV because yes. =D

This song reminds me of my finals freshmen year! (which was june 2009) \O/;; because, I had it on repeat the entire time... like, literally, through eight 90 minute finals. OAO; that's like... 12 hours I had it on repeat. Cuz, it helped me concentrate. (And no, I wasn't supposed to be listening to music. >w> )

Umm... other things... well one, it's five days til my birthday wooo! -shot- But also... I sung Melodramatic, by FatmanP, and... wow. I posted my cover on my channel at like 3 AM Thursday morning, and I've gotten 12 subscribers since. OAO; It's so... wow. I dunno if most people get that many subs when they post something, but I sure haven't before OTL It's so flattering... thank you, everyone!! >///A///<~

( ... although, on another note, I think my romaji was slightly wrong. ;;w;;~ nooo.)

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