僕は君のため  君は僕のため

2010/09/23 17:05
Day 11 - A song from your favorite band

... Vocaloid-wise, that would be FurukawaP again. T____T I REFUSE. IMEAN, I LOVE HIM AND ALL, BUT I ALSO LIKE OTHER Ps ;A;


-gives in-

third favorite furukawa song <3<3<3
It might be a favorite just because of soraru and konbini's covers though. =w=; how I envy people with pretty voices who can sing FurukawaP songs... although, I'll probably sing some someday because I love them so much =w=;; but those will be verrry strange covers. OTL

... I checked out vgboy/vgperson's translated FurukawaP tweets... he's so adorablee ;w; I want to pet him fff ;w; <333333

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