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old entry, published by a sentimental cat two years and three months later

2010/11/19 00:50
... I've been a real bitch lately. And even more cowardly than normal. And I've been complaining a lot and stuff. OTL I'm so sorry, to all the people I've hurt lately...

... actually, I think I made a new irl friend... miidot knows this, and she's the only one who ever reads this orz But I'm being waaay too cautious... I'm making the guy jump through multiple spinning hoops ON FIRE, and it occurred to me the other day that I just can't bombard a person with that .-.;

... I'm not sure what's happening to me right now though. Usually, the more pessimistic my views are, the worse my grades get... but actually, right now I'm getting the best grades I've ever gotten (in high school... elementary/middle school were jokes, so they don't count), and I don't understand. @_@; Maybe it's a sign that I should be happier? X_X;

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