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2011/04/10 22:52

Caught up on Madoka last night.

What a mind-screw. But popular series tend to scare me, so it's somewhat of a miracle that I'm even watching this and enjoy it. XD

So... confusing. And the animation... so trippy! but cool~ I liked the shadow witch place 8D; (I mean, the one where sayaka acts all crazy? )

Madoka still pisses me off. Hitomi pisses me off more, though. Dude, you just killed one of your closest friends, way to go. T_T bitch.

But anyways, song challenge!

Day 16 - A song that you used to love but now hate

... e-eh.

At the time I started this challenge, it was hands-down Yowamushi Montblanc. But I don't hate it that much anymore. Must be because it's spring, and YM was the theme song of last spring. Not just to me, to all Vocaloid fans everywhere. 8D;;;


I'll put it anyways, just because idk what else to put. 8D;

... I'm sorry, Yowamushi... but sometimes, I hate what you did to Gumi.You took a fantastic Vocaloid and made her into the second Miku, instead of the first Gumi. I became a Vocaloid fan right before Gumi was released, so she's kinda like my child to me owo;; a-and I'm scared for her! So, No. There is only one Miku. Imean, Gumi outranked Miku last month on the monthly ranking. Outranked her, and it's not like she had new popularity. Her fan base... all those people. there might be a day where people see Gumi as the mascot of the Vocaloids. I like Gumi, I like her quite a bit, but... Imean, Miku has to be the mascot, or the world will explode. Sometimes I'm not good with change =w=;;;;;; -shot for making no sense-

Besides that, you're a bitch to sing and you made me gain five pounds. D<

... eep, I started to rant.


I-I got to listen to a couple Nodoame lives earlier today ;;w;;!! I've never been in a nodo live before, even after all this time being his fan, so it was like a dream *A* Nodo-samaaa <3
I was annoying everyone on skype 8D

Kinda like this

Kitty: (~ *A*)~ Nodoooooooaaaameeeeeeeee
Miidot: ... -doesn't care-
Trin: ... ^^;;;
Kunba: *w* Nodoame! <3
Hartless: I know how you feel... (~ *A*)~ Animaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

If shoy was on, she'd probably have said something about piko and sekihan. It will be fun to spaz to shoytan later >_< <3

He focused the camera mainly on a VC-3000 nodoame, but every so often he'd show us his beer or his cigarettes. A-ah, n-nodo... ^^;;;;;

I wish he didn't smoke. If he ruins his voice, I'll never forgive him. ;A; The beer is ok though, cuz he didn't seem drunk... and also cuz when he showed us the can, we could kinda see his warped reflection *A* <333 But, beer is only dangerous if one consumes too much or too often or in bad circumstances. There's nothing wrong with having a drink otherwise oAo; But cigarettes.... they're always dangerous. ;n; They can always kill you.

Please take care, Nodosama ;A;

Oh! Sometimes, there was something that kinda looked like a candy bar, and sometimes his hand showed up. haaaanddd hand haaaaaaaaaaand hand hand haaaaaand haa-shot-


He has such a deep talking voice though!!! I was expecting it to be almost shota 8D with kind of a high pitch. (almost and kind of being key words there)

But I was really shocked. See, actually, his speaking voice doesn't sound at all like his singing voice OAO; IT WAS SO LOW. but it was still quite a pleasant sound to listen to!!! *w* deep and manly and really mature <3 Like, an informal businessman...? so cool!! >_<

I wish I had a voice as cool and confident as that. ;A;~

Maybe some day. I've sounded more masculine lately, I think *A* It's the onset of puberty!! But I'm not sure how much larger that thing can get without my pants busting. But srsly, I really want a womanly voice when I grow up *A* Both singing-wise and speaking. Imean, since I can't sing high, I might as well sound cool and mature while singing low, hm? ;D And I feel like my voice sounds like a little kid that will someday sound like a woman. So, maybe...!! *A*

OK I'll shut up about Nodo now. ^^;;;

Actually, time for project. ;w;)/

^ I forgot to press 'send' on that like... 8 hours ago. 8D


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