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2011/06/24 16:22
Day 18 - A song that you wish you heard on the radio dubbed more

~song challenge headquarters~

Seriously, this song is fantastic. Yes, it is pretty popular, but it's so hard that people don't dub it much, even though I've seen a bunch of people say that they will. =3=)p I love this song so much... it makes me saaad waaaaaah ;-; It's so sexy, and has a badass message to beat.

Oh, also, Oneesama, I-I know you creep it =3=)b just like I creep yours 8D <3 i-it makes me happy when I see your name updated in the 'blog visitors' list... (same for anyone, actually) ... and I'm always afraid I'm not mature enough, so you saying that made me happy also, orz. Thank you ;-; <3

Today was the last technical day of my junior year of high school.

No one usually goes on the last day, though... it's a makeup day for missed finals, and people almost never miss finals. UNLESS THEY DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THEM LIKE ME THIS YEAR. HAHA BITCHES.

But this year, my friend held a Cake Party, so people showed up for that... I actually didn't attend most of it OTL but today still ended up being pretty fun owo!! cuz another one of my friends and some of his friends were in the gym, and they were trying to show me how to spar with LARP weapons /o/; I'm so weak wtf OTL I can barely hold a foam weapon 8D

but anyways it was really fun... and then the rest of the people at the cake party came down, and then everyone started fighting. THEN WE GOT FREE LUNCH. THEN THERE WAS A MEGA BATTLE, Noobs versus real LARPers. GAAH FUNN. Someone said, "This is the most fun I think I've ever had at school"... I think I agree wholeheartedly.

It's real scary though, being a senior. I'm in utter shock. 2012 always seemed so far away... now, I know I'm less than 365 days from that diploma. I actually only need a half credit of English in order to fulfill graduation requirements, so I could graduate in January if I wanted to. I won't, but I could. =3=;

oh and I need to pay class dues. All of them. =3=;;;;;;;;

But a lot is changing, eh? One of my bestest friends left today for smart people's summer school... she'll do great, but I'll miss her ): we used to see fireworks together on the fourth of July... I'll miss that. OTL Also, there was an Italian exchange student that we befriended, and she returns to Italy on Monday. Not to mention all the seniors who just graduated. D:

There's something eerie about it all... when you're a freshmen, everything feels so new and exciting. You can't wait for graduation. But, when your senior year finally rolls around... you feel empty. A lot of memories are in you, of people who left, events... it's sad, kind of. I know, keep on living for tomorrow... but when all's said and done, I'll miss high school. Even if it hurts sometimes. A lot of the time.

... Ah, I do have a year left... remember that, idiot cat T_T ughhh I'm such a sentimental wiiimp... OTL

This year went by so fast. =.=;;

Who was I, one year ago? How have I changed?

This time last year... I felt very broken. I didn't know the meaning of a 'deep friendship' so well. I was scared and done with school.

Now... I ended the year with many a late night, but I feel alright. Let's get up and learn more.

I'm ok. No, actually, I can't wait until tomorrow. :)

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