僕は君のため  君は僕のため

2011/07/02 02:02
New icon and blog description, as some of you probably noticed. Like my eye? Hurdur, don't even try to stalk me with a blue blue photo. 8D

And, the description?

"Who am I? Am I happy to be that person?"

... Those questions are something I've been thinking lately.

To be completely honest, I have no idea who I am, I change too much, depending on who's around me. There are very few constants between those sides of me... sometimes, I act innocent, other times, perverted. Sometimes, I barely speak, other times, I barely shut up. Sometimes, I want to be a kid, other times, I try to be cool and mature... I really hate that about me... why can't I be honest with myself? why is it so hard to figure out anything about yourself? I thought I knew myself the best... but all that seems to stay the same about mee is how stupid and insensitive I am.

... ignore me, I'm not feeling particularly poetic today. Deal with clunky grammar. Deal with it.

I'm not proud of the me who's too scared to talk to anyone.

Hoo boy, I didn't even realize how much school was helping my mood until it was gone. OTL

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