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2011/07/18 21:22
So, like everyone else, I just heard Rebecca Black's new single... what's it called again? My Moment?

(link here)

Heh, it's so obviously about everyone who hates her. but... wow.

Honestly, all I can think is "That girl just might be the most hated child in the world right now, and she's continuing to sing."

That's hella impressive. I know that if I received that type of hate, I'd quit singing forever. Wouldn't most of us? Yet that little thirteen year old showed us all up. Even if she had lots of support from friends and family... that's... incredible.

And everyone that is posting hate comments on this video... they're just silly. Can't they see it? She already won, and now nothing they say can stop it.

Rebecca Black, you just earned my respect. Even if I don't like your music, I'll support you.

... ok, now back to song challenge.

Day 19 - A song from your favorite album

... wat. what on earth do you consider a favorite album in vocaloid? Because I know nothing about the actual albums. 8D

Hm. I'll just do a song that recently came out that I've been obsessed over.

~song challenge headquarters~

Nyannyannyan! Or, Ah, Subarashiki Nyansei, as Nem calls it.

Butsrsly, nyannyannyan is what I call it. So... uh... if you hear me talking about singing nyannyannyan, I'm singing this song. Not Nyan cat. 8D

This has nothing to do with the challenge. Basically, it's new, popular, catchy. Me likey. Gumi and Len are so cute in it. =w= <3 Nem really is a genius when it comes to jazzhands tunes... -thinks of skizzorhands... jazzhands. 8D good thing shoytan doesn't read my blog XD-

Also, Tama's art is delicious here. For some reason, her art often appears too... idunno, shiny? bright? cheerful? for the songs she makes PVs for (torinoko, I'm looking at you), but here, it's just perfect. She's come a long way, even though I'm not sure how her art improved. It makes me so happy. =w=

.. wait, is tama male or female? ... Ugh, sorry, I always go and assume the Ps are male and the artists are female. =w=;;;;;;;;;;;; b-but at least I know for certain Nem's a guy. -too lazy to look up tama's gender-

Oh, this video... rediakaikai <3 Redia's so popular nowadays =w= it makes me so happy that I actually got to request something (SHADE SLIIDEE... even though it has notsomany views DD<;;; stupid people, that song's fantastic. <3 ), and was a fan for a while before everyone else subbed. ;3; but no one knows rdkk's gender, do they? I usually think that the uploader is female, but I could see it going either way... especially because most people seem to think redia's a guy.

ehe blalaahalala

New icon and blog description, as some of you probably noticed. Like my eye? Hurdur, don't even try to stalk me with a blue blue photo. 8D

And, the description? ... Those questions are something I've been thinking lately.

To be completely honest, I have no idea who I am, I change too much, depending on who's around me. There are very few constants between those sides of me... sometimes, I act innocent, other times, perverted. Sometimes, I barely speak, other times, I barely shut up. Sometimes, I want to be a kid, other times, I try to be cool and mature... I really hate that about me... why can't I be honest with myself? why is it so hard to figure out anything about yourself? I thought I knew myself the best... but all that seems to stay the same about me is how stupid and insensitive I am.

I actually wrote the last paragraph a few days ago, when my mood was a bit lower. I hate having my life influenced like this just because... well... I don't want to admit why 8D

IT'S NOT FAIR! AT THIS RATE, I'D RATHER NOT FEEL THIS WAY, BECAUSE IT'S JUST SCREWING WITH EVERYTHING and I don't know what's sincere and what's selfish and what I should and should not be doing. and I don't like feeling depressed if my phone isn't glowing and I don't like being too relieved to reply. and I don't like the way I still am trapped in this cycle even though I know that it's useless.


sorry for being vague. all I wanted was a little superselfish moment on my goddamn blog. =3=)b

I'm still smiling. Even if I'm hated... I can be strong too.

I want to stop caring about what you think of me.


today, I was home alone, and... I decided to give myself a facial?

Srsly, kittiot, how girly you gonna get? OTL hair clips and foundation is ok, but... this is too far. 8D

but it was kind of fun. =w= I made my own recipe!

uuh, something like this

1 small spoonful of cocoa powder
1 fist-sized blob of whipped cream. (not whipping cream.. I doubt it's a good substitute for it, buthey. =w=;)
3 pinches of splenda (instead of sugar orz)
4 mushy strawberries
1/3 a moldy banana

... we need fresh fruit.

anyways, I threw these together and mashed it with a spoon and put it on for like 20 minutes. oh, but use a blender, if you wanna try this recipe. =w=;;;; otherwise it kind of looks like a baby puked all over your face. Smelled nice, though.

my face is kind of glowy and smooth. =w=;




.... ok, end of this weird blog entry.

I'm such a strange cat.


... yeah, see yurz next time. <3

... oh, also, 11 days until the annur-versary of this blog. oAo)b;; thank you for reading it, even if you haven't been reading for a year. =w=)bb



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you are who you are- don't worry about being different at different times- its just like putting on different clothes- mmmh how doI look in this - know what I mean?


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