僕は君のため  君は僕のため

Day 1?

2010/08/01 11:02
Eh... here i go \O/ gogo boring kitty!

Favorite song:

(I put both because Ritsu's version is actually my favorite. >w>;; but of course the original gets love too~~ FurukawaP~~~~ <3 )

What I like about it: Ahh... It's so peaceful and quiet and sad. I remember, the first time I heard it... I thought it was nothing special actually 8D; but I liked it and put it on my mp3 player. The time after that, though, I was in a really bad mood, and it came up on shuffle. Even though it's a sad song itself, my bad mood was stopped and I felt instantly calmer. And, well, I've loved it ever since. <3333

yay \O/ and i suddenly don't feel like doing the other challenge so -goes to edit last post- 8D;~

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