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Nostalgia? Or a New Future?

2011/08/08 21:52
Day 21 - A song that you listen to when you’re happy

lol i just realized that i started this challenge over a year ago herp derp .A.

~song challenge headquarters~

Ai... kotoba.

That... annoyingly happy song. Which makes you feel amazing if you're in the mood for it.

... that makes it sound like a sex toy orz

but... yeah. Deco. Way to write a song that automatically makes you smile. And way to go, hikusa-san, for making a PV that makes me temporarily like MikuxLen. it would be better if it was kailen though

i-its so cute. ;-; graaah. jvkflkdkd.

Special mentions to Melancholic, Happy Synth, and The Condom Song. Cuz this one was hard to choose. D8 (covers by mitto and hartless+kunba)



My life has completely flipped from where it was a few days ago.

God... that feels like an understatement. OTL.

Actually, I'm feeling kind of emotional whiplash. Like... I spend all summer enduring emotional punishment, and now I have three people talking to me on facebook..?


... I don't actually have anything else to say.


Oh, a couple shout outs today.

it seems like I gained a few new readers, according to my Visitor List. Hello! Thank you for reading this humble little blog!

I worship that visitor's list. It can't be healthy.

Also, I gained my first irl reader, Cake Party Girl. Hi, Cake Party Girl. =3=)/

... and I guess my birthday's almost here.

I... don't really want it this year. 8D can I stay 16 kthxbai

it's childish, but I really don't like this whole growing up thing sometimes. Can't aging freeze for a little while?

I am 500% not prepared for senior year emotionally XD god, I'm gonna be a wreck all year.

Oh, speaking of growing older, I found an old forum that I used to post on when I was 11 and 12 earlier today. It actually showed a smidge of recent activity. I'm shocked right now. OAO

I wonder what would happen if we all got in touch again, from that old board? We won't, but... even a few members. I wonder what they'll think about me, all grown up. I'm such a different person now than I was in 2006. XD I used to be the absolute baby of my online friends, cuz everyone was older... we're all grown ups now, huh?

Wow. That makes me so nostalgic. xD


I was also listening to old myco songs the other day... when I first got into anime, I was a huge fan a Full Moon wo Sagashite, so myco (mitsuki's seiyuu) and by extent changin my life (her band) was the first jpop singer/group I loved 8D her deep voiceeee aaaaa it makes me cummmmm

her songs are certainly relaxing to listen to after all this time. ;w; I really did miss those sketchy men in the background of changin my life songs... and how do you forget the awesome songs that they put together? They're just perfect.

myco's songs were the first japanese songs I ever wanted to sing, too ;w; aaaa <3

... frick just got in trouble.

fine, bye for now. oAo)/

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sounds like a sex toy?????? wtf!!


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