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2011/08/19 09:26
This day was very eventful, in a strange way.

Right now, we're traveling north to Maine for vacation, because most of my extended family lives there. And cuz I'm a college-bound senior, naturally we have to go visit colleges too. =A= ugh.

But, after that, we ended up going to a fair for a while. I haven't been to a fair in ages, so it was really fun =3= it was actually a hot-air-balloon fair, but a thunderstorm started up, so the balloons didn't actually launch. Dx

Anyways, then we went to eat at a Japanese/Korean restaurant. Except there wasn't really any Korean food on the menu .A.; but ah well. I tried inari maki for the first time *3* that's a roll with sweetened tofu inside, btw, so don't forget, weird cat. and OH MY GOOOD IT WAS DELICIOUS. /////

I want to eat it over and over again. ;A;

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