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old school yo, and the luckiest day of your life.

2011/11/11 23:41
Happy 11/11/11!! You wished, right? Good. ;w;)b

(I edited the post time .w. not by much though .w.;;; )

Day 27 - A song that you wish you could play

... ah, I know.

~song challenge headquarters~

Cantarella. Cuz well it's kind of famous for its violining. 8D;

I really do like this song 8D it's really old now... was old even when I became a vocaloid fan 8DDDDDD;;;;; but, it's sexy, dammit!!! not even time can take the sex from this song!!!!!

and this PV is like.. black and white wonderfulness~ it's my favorite one by far 8D all the others have too many colors and characters 8D

there's so many PVs for this song... for a lot of older songs, but this one especially 8D

... looked it up. Cantarella is a few months shy of its fourth birthday. Holy god.

-20 minutes later-

Looping old songs. Like like Melt and JBF and Romeo and Cinderella and World is Mine andd etc. CLASSICS. AAAAAAA..


a-and all their old PVs ;w; they were all so... like... static and picturebooklike. ;;w;; things made in wmm ;;;w;;; yes original wmm NOT WLMM BECAUSE THIS WAS ALL BEFORE WINDOWS SEVENNNNNN.


... I feel wicked nostalgic now. OTL

I really love Kaito Appends though *w* Sennen no Dokusouka is another old favorite of mine, and... oh god. Kaito append Sennen no Dokusouka completely retaught me what a eargasm is. I thought I knew, but no, I hadn't a clue. I cannot literally move my body while it is playing. I can't think in coherent sentences. Every so often I have to take a deep breath cuz my heart's beating so fast I forgot to breathe.

... oh my. I was going to be serious today, but can I after that?

e-ehe. I'll try my best =w=;; because I have to write long today. I promised I would.

me and my friends were talking the other day after halloween (they postponed trick or treat a week because of the snow) about how we couldn't eat candy like we could when we were little. Like, the sugar gives us headaches now, and hershey's chocolate has this funny taste to it, and reese's peanut butter is like powdery... and how gross it all was.

I miss enjoying those candies, but I guess it's good to allow yourself to dislike something if you know you're going to dislike it eventually anyways, right?

I still have nine more technical months of minorhood, but I think... when it's time, it will be ok to be an adult. this silly world of teenagers has left me tired.

ah, but I went to trick or treat with my little cousins ;w; they got so big OTL now they're as old as I was when they were born... OTL kids really do grow up fast.

hm. But, it's ok. Yeah, I've been more to terms with that lately than I ever have been, I think. College, perhaps...? Out of this miserable place, finally. Even if it's a place filled with more good memories than bad, even I eventually get tired. I don't want to see it anymore. Even though I do.

man, I'm just a walking contradiction, huh?

well, I guess I should explain a couple things. at least on the internet, everyone seems to attend university and live at home. That's... my state is small enough so that 'going out of state' for college is entirely possible and is in fact, at least among my friends, far more common. Even if I wanted to stay in state, the unis that everyone seems to go to are all far away... OTL so that's my situation.

Well, for whatever college I pick, I pretty much want no one I know to go there =3=)p there I will study my art and be happy. and after that I'll sell stuff for money and travel places and probably at some point or another become a hermit but a traveling hermit. and then I'll retire and hopefully die in a situation so that someone will find my body relatively quickly. If my organs are still good, then donate them, please.

and so is my life.

... the big picture is a little depressing. OTL.

well... for now, there's college. and who knows, maybe what happens in college will influence my plans for life. I don't count on it, but it's interesting and will distract my mind for a little longer.

That's good.

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