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byebye song challenge

2011/12/07 20:18


Day 30 - Your favorite song at this time last year

... That's not too hard at all owo actually... just pause a minute, I'm sure you can guess it. 8D;;;;;;;

~song challenge headquarters~


I mean. This is song I looped like crazy for two months. And I guess it would have competition from Mukashi Mukashi... if I hadn't already used that song. So. Piece of cake.

Why cat food? Because it's hella catchy. And it's about cats. And... it's one of those songs that I can really really imagine a PV for... one with cut paper look, and maybe paper puppets. It's also a song that's extremely fun to sing, and (if I'm not singing it) is relatively good to focus to. Plus. Like every nico singer ever dubbed it. A ton of my most beloved ones 8D like nodosama and 96neko (although she got so popular suddenly I haven't listened to her in a while 8D) and uh. others. Although tbh 99% of these dubs sound veryvery similar to one another. Like. I'm not sure if I could tell apart most of them. =3=;;

But it was really nice to listen to such a song again =w= caat fooooodd. <3 it really is one of my favorite favorites ever, I think. Like... Alice is my favorite, and VOiCE is my second favorite, and... Cat Food... is my third favorite? Tentatively?

^ because once I say something like that it's set in stone. Actually. Just saying that now set it in stone. XD

... Really orz usually I don't mind my stubbornness about such things, because it generally keeps me from saying things about myself I don't mean, but that's a little ridiculous OTL


Oh, so after this week, I think I'll need a new challenge. 8D

NOT A SONG CHALLENGE. I want to be able to post my music freely from now on ;A;

But... well, a lot of my friends have been doing '100 confessions' on FB, so what about that?

Uhm. Not 100 days of challenge!!!! I'm thinking doing 4 or 5 an entry. OwO;;;;;;;;

So, yeah, I guess I'll start that next time.

Goodbye, 30 day song challenge. You were fun for a while 8D)b but now it's time to end this.



We just got our superlative papers in school o/ since I don't know just how much of the world does those, superlatives are like... joke-y titles that high school seniors get in their last yearbook 8D and at least at my school, we've all got paper forms so we can vote for people.

... it's really a gigantic popularity contest 8D but idc they're pretty fun just to do by myself. "Who is the tallest person I know?" "Who is the most musical?" etcetc. But some people have been saying that they've voted for me on some TAT; which is really quite shocking...

I've gotten nominated, apparently, for
- Clumsiest
- Most Artistic
- Shyest

... if I got clumsiest, I'd laugh so friggin hard. It's the only one I'd even think of nominating myself for XDDD because... my god OTL I'm really... like... god. Today, I was just walking up the stairs at school, and I managed to somehow lose both my shoes on the way up. So then I had to stop everyone moving between classes to go back and get my shoes. It was... I don't even know how I did that //// OTL


Uhm. Most Artistic. Would be a huge honor, ofc, but I'm not sure I'd want it >.< I know so many other people who work even harder at their art than I do, and are a lot better, too, so.... I'd feel incredibly guilty. So... thank you but don't. OTL

... and...

... shyest... my god... I tried to laugh it off when like everyone I know nominated me... but... I think I would honestly sob if I got that one. I mean... that's exactly what I've been working so hard not to be in high school. isn't it a little cruel reducing me down all over again in a high school yearbook? It's like... these last four years were all for nothing. And they sure as hell weren't. So please.


to drag out my little moment here, I have to say this.

One friend took me off from facebook a while ago. At the time, he deleted his account, but when he put it back online, he only had a handful of friends left, mine not included. I didn't say anything, hoping he just forgot to readd me, but then he says the other day, /directly/ to my face:

"I deleted most of my friends on facebook and ended up with 5 friends. And everyone else I really don't care about."

... since you know the exact number of facebook friends you have, you must know I'm not one of them. And since you said that TO MY FACE... what were you looking for me to do, really?

"Ah. I... I see. That makes sense."

please don't act like my friend if you're going to turn around and hurt me like that. to be honest my heart really can't take it right now. I'm only just starting to feel better again, so...

... but...

... that's true. I am starting to feel better again. I was thinking... I was unbelievably happy only six months ago. And... of course, then it wasn't really my own happiness, but... it was such a good feeling. And I think... I mean.... it shouldn't depend on anyone else, right? It should only be my own happiness. Something I bring to me.

Maybe that's the first step to becoming an adult. Beginning to think that forcing happiness is the best way to deal with life.

Ah. Whatever.

For now, I'm pretty busy with college stuff, so I think I'll just focus on that.

See ya later!


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