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2011/12/10 21:06
This entry, we have...

... how should I format these now?


I still want to share a song at the start D<;; but not with a prompt...


watch the below with caution if you haven't seen up to the... like... 7th or 8th episode of Mawaru Penguindrum. Because spoilers.

Because that's been stuck in my head since I started watching it (two days ago 8D)

I'd heard a lot about it, and so I decided to bingewatch it and try and catch up... and I'm totally in love with the first OP. Who isn't? It's magical. Such a cute voice ;A;!!! but the full version is... epically long. 8D I feel like I'm listening to some magical adventure. Dat series though is like... whaat 8DDD I just finished episode 14 and... every time I think I've figured something out, they add another plot twist 8D that makes it hella addicting though. I'm happy to be catching up. ;w;

Himari also looks suspiciously like that girl in the Konbini PV. 8D i-it's all I can think when she wears that blue and white striped dress top 8D

Uh... ok... 100 Facts.


... where to start. 8D


#1. I'm stubborn beyond belief. 8D

Uh. That's kind of obvious, yeah, but.. I think part of it normal people can't understand;; I mean... I decided my future career when I was four years old. Four. Why? What does that mean, that I didn't have second thoughts at all this whole time? For thirteen years, no doubts? No, I had a lot of them. I'm scared. I'm always scared. What if I didn't choose right? What if that's not what I want to do after all?

... I mean, I love art, but it's impossible to turn back now. I'd let down too many people...

... it's not that I want to, but... I get discouraged so easily, what if I can't? What if I'm just dooming myself? I lost the way to escape...

#2. I'm pretty much addicted to chewing gum...

That's such a happy one after that last one 8D;; but it's so true. Gum is the best =w= well besides pasta...

my favorite favorite gum is Trident Tropical Twist 8D

... idk what else to say about that 8DDD;;;;

#3. I'm a bit of a late anime fan ///

Well. How early can I be? I'm only 17 ;; which I guess is pretty old compared to the protagonists of the shows I'm watching, but it's not old enough to be a /real/ early fan xDD

Even so, the first time I thought 'I'm watching an anime' (and well stuck with it), I was 12. I'd already started my first manga (furuba), and watched some episodes of pokemon/inuyasha/naruto, but I hadn't watched a show.

Sailor Moon it was. For some reason I did not ever watch it as a kid, or even saw it on TV, so this was completely new for me XDD

Oh, also, it was my first Japanese-subtitled show too oAo)b since I watched the bits of the others in english dub... Actually, I was gonna watch English Sailor Moon, but then the first episode I could find in English was the fifth one, so I decided to start with the Japanese subs. And by the time it was episode 5 (which was actually like 8 I think) I didn't even want to watch english dubs anymore 8DDD)b

... Ah, I don't really have any more time =3=;;;;; uuhhh.. run with those for now. 8D



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