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euh. happy new year

2011/12/31 18:12
(this entry was written a week ago, but I'm only now sending it. ah... 8D;;)


Merry and Nicolaus, because this is the first BuzzG song I've adored since... probably since GALLOWS BELL. I mean like.. I kind of liked some of them in there, but BuzzG's style just... I dunno, I'm not really particular to it? 8DDDD;

I-IT'S SO CUTE. OH GOD ;A; <3 I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC SO MUCH OTL and buzzg does a wonderful job of capturing... that christmas music feel without taking away from his own style =w=; and aaa poor nicolaus, don't die ;A;

I haven't updated recently 8D;

Uh, so what to say...

well, I've been so busy lately... it's kind of sad OTL but it's also exciting, so it's ok. Talking to people makes me so happy I can hardly stand it >.<

and I've been talking to a lot of old ytc people lately ^_^

<3 <3 <3

It's kind of like... the past. No, I don't really want to say that. What is it like? Hmm. Some sort of updated past maybe. It all feels very nostalgic. But perhaps it's actually better now for me... before, it was like... I was at a weird spot age-wise... I was the border between the older people and the younger people, and even though I thought myself mentally fit enough to talk to the 16 and 17 year olds... it's all too understandable now that I wasn't mature enough at al |D;;

even now, I don't think I'm mature enough, but I'm certainly a lot closer. So...

... I don't know, it seems different. OTL

But. Back to stress. I think I literally broke down a little over a week ago. oops. OTL this is why procrastination is bad, little cat

^ -procrastinating right now-


But. Bad things happen when you complain. I realize now. Even though... it's ok to complain to your goddamn blog, complaining to real people... it's something I at least should never do. My life's too worry free. I'll just accidentally offend someone if I start to complain, right?

I felt really bad about that happening, so I decided to stop all together. Or at least try to stop. Anyways, it's not like I can't just go straight here and rant. OTL

... Well I really don't make any sense today huh.

Anyways, I duetted with my little dot last week :D my first duet~ and it was on her birthday <3 song was egomama. I'm lazy to look it up and get a link though. sorry. 8D mitto's so good at everything OTL it's like 'howwww'

Well. Yeah, busy, so bye.

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