僕は君のため  君は僕のため


2010/08/05 21:30
I forgot to update yesterday OTL

A sad song, huh...?

I can't even explain why this song makes me so sad. b-but, it does ;A; I think it's cuz I (just like every other person alive) relate pretty strongly to this song =w=; Being afraid to say your thoughts... imean, I'm loud and obnoxious online, but in real life I'm pretty shy X_X; But, even if I relate it, I can see that it fits everyone else that relates to it more, ehe.

UMM ALSO I bawl whenever I hear Servant of Evil and Regret Message. -too lazy to get links, and y'all have heard those right? =w=; -

anyways goin to post again

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