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2012/07/07 22:49
Twitter is so much fun, in it's own way. Just always talking casually with many people I didn't know before... making more friends... it's fun, it gives you that high, giddy feeling. But it also is so depressing sometimes. Twitter should in my opinion only be superficial. Twitter drama is so shallow, and frankly I don't like it when people post private things in public spaces. It's so... idunno. 'give me attention'? 8D

says the girl who's blogging in a public space. But it's different here. The atmosphere. I dunno. Seems like all fc2 blogs have some deep feels on it. I don't know. I don't really like this either. But sometimes I guess I have to rant about shit no one gives a fuck about, so I'll come here instead.

... Twitter is the ultimate 'give me attention' site. We're all on a plaza somewhere, shouting our every thought out into the open world. You're either listening to someone or you're not

The world seems very giddy, lately, bubbly and young and alive.

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