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2013/02/28 16:52
on the 15th i donated blood for the second time ever.

i'm getting better at this, eh :)


in other news i've been absolutely dead from school recently

damn you homework

well no i like art related homework ofc but it just takes a long time and if there's too much it's hard to do it as well as you'd want to so it's frustrating

also i got nico premium this month because harry live

i wish i could say more of a reason but NOPe that's it harry did a timeshift live and i wanted to see it and it was pretty cute

well actually i did kind of accidentally buy it. i just wanted to see the procedure, so i went to paypal... and i thought there was another step after this confirm, and there wasn't. oops.

harry's improved a lot live... his old videos are kind of extremely painful, but this... was pretty good. or. like. bearable? ahah;; no but his voice has improved a lot. it's kind of horrible but i was thinking 'man harry i'm glad no one ever told you that you can't sing because this improvement is remarkable'

and the emotions harry gets in his voice... can't be replicated, he's absolutely fantastic there

maybe that's why

rozeo emblem was practicing for a live they had on the 27th, and when it got to practicing earth day, they got all excited and were jumping around and then at the end they literally went nuts and the last note was held out for 30 seconds and it was cute and i died

harry's really adorable. i dunno, i feel like other people might not think he's super attractive, but he's so cute to me. kind of dorky, but not in that gimmicky way that has become popular recently. seems like an introvert for sure. you can tell just from his songs, but when you see him it's super obvious. so it's very inspiring to see this guy play electric guitar and sing his heart out. i'm totally unbiased.

... man i've never really blogged about harry, have I? have i... i dunno. let's blog about him again if i have.

well, this producer. has never failed to make me cry. in all the songs i've heard from him. not once. and it's not like i'm forcing it either. I can do that. I can make myself cry. but... there's just something about harry's music, the soft beauty of it... i can actually never listen to more than one new harry song in like a week timespan, because after hearing one i'm overwhelmed and i feel emotionally... exhausted in a good way. but then i'll loop it for forever and forget about catching up with his older songs!;; so actually i've never heard a wholeee bunch of his old songs. ;; OTL

and i forgot to ever publish this so uh here have this blog

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