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2013/04/29 02:17
I've totally been stalking the vocarankings lately

found some good ps hmm

in particular, i found this one guy, shr, who has most of his songs with 10000+ views and i swear to god i've never heard of him before

damn he does some really catchy stuff with a piano though. it's. a little old sounding? but kind of more... american-style old. or even some like eastern european-old. idk. but then it's also slightly midi-sounding... but in a good way? lol idk it's really delicious though =Q=

and there are many more ps out there like that ahur that have many popular songs but i've never heard of them |D

somehow that pisses me off |D

idk, it feels like all of them just write music from their hearts, especially less-known Ps. there's just such a purity in it. u_u

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