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what on earth (day)

2013/04/21 01:49
ok so literally i have been writing this entry for two and a half months pls don't judge

I decided that I wanted to archive how I discovered some of my nico favorites. Because now I’ve known Harry for one year [coughandtwomonthscough]

(lol the paragraphs for the people i like the most currently are like ginormous compared to the others)

Anyways, let’s go:

Nodoame: My first nico favorite /// found him in the summer of 2009, right when I joined this community. I first heard him probably less than a month after I found vocaloid, through obviously his lovely lovely RAC cover <3 but actually at first I didn’t like it? Ah… well I liked it, but I was very much not into covers at first. I still don’t listen to them that much, so.. but yeah. Then three months later, I found YTC auditions, and I was listening to lots of RAC covers. None of them particularly impressed me… until I got to nodo’s cover once more. And then. I was blown away and it was magical. :D

Akio: HEEE AKIO. I’m totally uihfjhvjkf about akio recently. He’s got a voice… not that much unlike nodo, but… different. Akio’s got a bit of a higher range, I guess? Ah I’m in class right now and I can’t exactly listen to them right now. But Akio’s always like. Growling. And having fun while he sings. So it’s hot. Ohh his voice is so sexy. Oh but I gotta talk about how I found him! As I just said about nodo, utaites are not just my thing normally. So I found akio by looking up aidee covers at the beginning of this past september. He has a nice one. It’s pitched though, so I was sad. There’s not many good versions of that song, so his really stood out to me. And I liked his voice, so I looked up some of his other covers. At that time, I found his shake it! Cover. To this day, it’s my favorite cover by him. //// so wonderfulll… but yeah. Then I more or less forgot about him… until he covered WAVE 2 months later. Then suddenly I have almost 50 mp3s of him. /// And also when he sang OTN I died like jeez akio and gigaP i'll die ///// AND SETAGAYA LAST WEEK THAT'S LIKE MY FAVORITE MIKITOP SONG IDE AKIO ILU BBY

UtsuP: UtsuP. I’m still not sure why I like you, but I do. 8D I found him a very long time ago, probably before any other P on this list. I wasn’t super drawn to him at first, either? I heard uh… adult’s toy first by him. And I went ‘oh jesus’ because I was 14 then. And I ignored him for a while. BUT THEN. Ikiryou was released. In 2011? Yeah I think. And I. LOVE. Ikiryo. Ahhh. <3 so then I started stalking him more… usually I prefer his Rin songs. They make me happy.

LiveP: wheee liveP <3 hm… how did I find you?! OAO; uh… hmmm… well, I do know that I was pretty darn familiar with him in may 2010, cuz that’s when T1numbers translated S K Y. However… I think that might have been the first song I loved from him? Well. Maybe. I can’t check his mylist now. I do know that, around that time (or perhaps a month or two later) Don’t Mylist Me! was released. And I loved that song too *A* actually, through that song (and through shade slide), I found the artist NEGI, who was one of the first non-kailenlenkai artists I liked. <3

EasyPop: Cheap Time Disco!! Ah, actually I’m pretty sure I listened to a little easypop before this song, but I got super obsessed with it around late 2010 (like… whenever rediakaikai uploaded that karaoke video ahaaa) Welp, then, he released eleven-rave girl. And I got really hooked on that one too. So, ever since, I’ve kept my eyes on him. Even though he’s got a really bad case of the identical-music syndrome… I don’t know, his music always has so much heart in it, regardless. Perhaps my favorite song by him is Kimi to mita hoshizora, because of like… the dynamics of it. And also Cheap Time Disco because goddamn it's just catchy sry

FurukawaP: hee. Oh, you. You were my first favorite P. One of the first Ps I knew the name of (I think the very first was ryo aha lol) <3 So. Alice. Obviously. Hey, we’re talking late 2009 now, I wasn’t even a vocaloid fan for one year yet (now this is nearing 4 years wtf). Well yeah. I found Alice around December, and I downloaded the song and didn’t think much of it besides ‘this is a pretty song let’s download it’. Then a couple months passed. But then in uh. Around February 2010. The power went out for a few days. And suddenly it was 2 AM and I had school tomorrow and I was just so exhausted. Then alice came on shuffle. And suddenly, all was right in the world, and i relaxed and got a wonderful night's sleep. Alice is... it's very calming, to me. It really just... makes me breathe slower. And furukawaP became the first producer I stalked. ;w; <3

GigaP: giganticPenischan <3 ur fab bby. I actually found you. A long time ago. Actually. Back in the summer of 2010, I got pretty hooked on the len song Out of Even :> dunno if you guys remember that ;; OTL And it was one of the first songs I coverstalked. Actually. Maybe the first. aha. Not counting RAC one year before that. And he was the person who did the rin cover of this song :D BUTBUTBUT I had no idea that was him |D like I didn’t look at the P names on things like that at the time. I barely noted the P names on originals… Hm. Then. Fastforward one year. I found some more covers I liked. Lolican’trememberthefirstoneifound. But one of them was uh. Len append of Mr. Taxi. But how weird. Because like. I didn’t even like that song? Or rather I’m like just not into jpop |D OH it was like some lenrin cover he did with orebanana me thinks. WELL ANYWAYS. Fastforward ONE MORE MONTH. Now it’s late august 2011. And I learned GigaP’s name (FINALLY) when I heard… tulula |D uuh. That’s my favorite song by him. So much, it’s my favorite song by him. ahhhngggg. So I was looping that, and like the veryyy next day I heard his pon arrange (cuz it was released at that time) and dayuuuum I was like ‘omg this is the same guy who did the tulula song… wow he’s like really good at arranging songs’ and so I started stalking giganticPenischan in secret. Theeen chewing came up like 9 months later (omg gigaP did you make me prego- /DEAD) and I went public with my love for him =w=; anddd the rest is history. Actually no. because I was very mad at him after he did not do fashion monster, and that makes me angry. But eventually I forgave him. In fact I didn’t fully forgive him until akio sang OTN ahaaa.

HarryP: Of course, gotta do you last, bud. (omg teacher said the imaginary friend is harry harry is not imaginary he makes beautiful music that is reallll) So… I found Harry through… well, his first popular song, Bokura no Let-it-Be. I mean I’m kind of sad it was that way, that I found him when everyone else did, but he didn’t even have a 10K hit before that OTL It’s understandable I guess… Ah but it’s okay. A-at least I found you. <3 So… the first time I listened to Bokura no Let It Be… while I was peeing!!! /honesty hour. I watched it on my phone ;w; I figured ‘oooh this song looks cool I’ll listen while I use the bathroom’. Ahahahaa I wish I were kidding nooope. But then. I listened. ‘Ooh.’ Then the vocal line started. And by the third line I was sobbing. Yup, in the bathroom, while peeing. It was quite the dramatic, beautiful scene. So, obviously, I went and downloaded the song immediately afterwards. And set it to my alarm. Beautiful way to wake up every morning. People say they hate their alarm tone, but I only hate mine when it’s too loud. Damnnn I miss having my own room and waking up to whatever I want. Anyways. Then like. I liked that song and stuff. And a couple months passed, and suddenly it was the beginning of May. And someone reprinted KK’s cover of Chikyuu no Akichi. Before I listened, I saw that the song was by ‘that harry guy’ and I was kind of excited. So I clicked, despite not really liking KK… and I think I cried for an hour. Just. Wow. That cover is perfect. The harmonies the everything. I’ll tell you the picture that always gets me too, it’s the globe in the third line. Actually, ever since then, globes.. that image has sort of been special. I dunno. ;w; Oh, also the friends in the bridge make me cry too. sob. SO I continued to listen to that song and loop it. And… well.. what eventually came to light was the fact that I still… regularily cried while listening to the song. At least every so often. One time in june, during one of my last few days of high school, I remember, I was listening to it in class and suddenly I was crying and I don’t think anyone noticed but I was just sitting there crying for like ten minutes and it… I think it was then I realized that I might have a new favorite song. The first time I admitted it was in September 2012. Someone asked me what I was listening to, and before I knew it I had replied: “My favorite song.” And it stuck. Yeah. Oh, ever since chikyuu no akichi I’ve been following harry pretty closely. (And amazing people sang Earth Day for my birthday and yeah so many tears)


Oh, come to think of it, Earth Day is tomorrow, isn’t it. Wow, my timing is good. 8D

Well, in light of that…
… that’s the best line in earth day.


2013/04/08 22:24
Just because someone doesn't think the same as you, they are wrong. Just because they hold different values, they are not worth associating with. You are special, right? You were born the way you were, you should embrace yourself and all your flaws and never change (: And anyone who tells you differently is wrong, they aren't free enough for this new utopia that the youth of today are creating. Who cares who you are, I love you just the way you are! ... Unless you don't agree with me, then I hate you!

The world is full of hypocrites. Including me, of course. (:

Also, it is full of people who think they are right. Everyone thinks they are right. Why? You are not always right. It is not possible.

The more time I spend trying to understand humans, in particular people my own age, the more I dislike them. u_u


2013/03/01 22:18
Yasagu lenka!!

I was really surprised to see a new lenka song OAO

a-and so jazzy too, with such a pretty pv...;;;

well anyways, romaji was did.

have it.
leleleP | original diva: kagamine len

aiso furimaki goma o suri
kaoiro uka gatte tsukarechau
nano ni demo dakedo yo no naka wa
dogatte ikicha dame na no?

massugu na hitomi
boku ni nagekaketa
kawatta yatsu da na
jyoujiki de chotto
hikyou na yatsu

gurede gurede yasagurete
boku wa boku ga wakaranai ya
ai mo koi mo shiranakutatte
nandemo ii ya doudemo ii ya
nande nande mitsumen natte
kimi no namida boku o semeta
mune ga mune ga kurushikutte
uso da uso da koi jya nai ya

aa takanatteku kodou ga
urusakute nemurenai

isshou kenmei ganbarutte
baka rashikute iyagatteta
mikakeda oshitemo yo no naka wayeaa
orikousan jyanakya dame na no

massugu na kimochi
butsukerarete koso no otoko
kawatta yatsu demo
jyoujiki ittekanari
ki ni naru yatsu

gurede gurede yasagurete
kimi ga boku o kae hajimeta
ai mo koi mo shiranakutatte
nan to kanarusa dou ni kanarusa
datte datte mitsumetetatte
are ya kore ya ii da sezu mata
itta rikitaride torabutte
sonna hazujya konna hazujya

aa surechigatta shisen ga
modokashikute mou matenai

gurede gurede yasagurete
shirazu shirazu kizutsuketeta
ai mo koi mo shranai manma
sonna boku ga konna boku ga
horete horete mata gurete
kimi ga kimi ga tomaranai ya
mune ni mune ni ii kigashite
"boku jya nakucha" "boku jya nakucha"

aa kusubutteru kotoba ga
kurushikutte tamaranai
aa kowaresou na omoi wa
ichiban saki ni tsu---taetai AAAA


2013/02/28 16:52
on the 15th i donated blood for the second time ever.

i'm getting better at this, eh :)


in other news i've been absolutely dead from school recently

damn you homework

well no i like art related homework ofc but it just takes a long time and if there's too much it's hard to do it as well as you'd want to so it's frustrating

also i got nico premium this month because harry live

i wish i could say more of a reason but NOPe that's it harry did a timeshift live and i wanted to see it and it was pretty cute

well actually i did kind of accidentally buy it. i just wanted to see the procedure, so i went to paypal... and i thought there was another step after this confirm, and there wasn't. oops.

harry's improved a lot live... his old videos are kind of extremely painful, but this... was pretty good. or. like. bearable? ahah;; no but his voice has improved a lot. it's kind of horrible but i was thinking 'man harry i'm glad no one ever told you that you can't sing because this improvement is remarkable'

and the emotions harry gets in his voice... can't be replicated, he's absolutely fantastic there

maybe that's why

rozeo emblem was practicing for a live they had on the 27th, and when it got to practicing earth day, they got all excited and were jumping around and then at the end they literally went nuts and the last note was held out for 30 seconds and it was cute and i died

harry's really adorable. i dunno, i feel like other people might not think he's super attractive, but he's so cute to me. kind of dorky, but not in that gimmicky way that has become popular recently. seems like an introvert for sure. you can tell just from his songs, but when you see him it's super obvious. so it's very inspiring to see this guy play electric guitar and sing his heart out. i'm totally unbiased.

... man i've never really blogged about harry, have I? have i... i dunno. let's blog about him again if i have.

well, this producer. has never failed to make me cry. in all the songs i've heard from him. not once. and it's not like i'm forcing it either. I can do that. I can make myself cry. but... there's just something about harry's music, the soft beauty of it... i can actually never listen to more than one new harry song in like a week timespan, because after hearing one i'm overwhelmed and i feel emotionally... exhausted in a good way. but then i'll loop it for forever and forget about catching up with his older songs!;; so actually i've never heard a wholeee bunch of his old songs. ;; OTL

and i forgot to ever publish this so uh here have this blog

2013/02/14 23:57
valentines day was nice.

i do not care whether or not i have someone on valentines day. therefore i will just eat chocolate and be happy. 8D

happy 2013, btw. i haven't posted in a while.

silly franky and roro, why did you find this. sob. ///;

2012/11/22 20:33
I want to be all cheesy and stuff but that's not really fitting with my current nature, is it?

2012/11/15 01:37
fall has always been and always will be my least favorite season, but i love christmastime, so THANK GOD it's almost here.

especially the music. nothing cheers someone up like christmas music. I wish there were as much cute winter vocaloid songs as there are halloween songs ;w;

2012/11/12 00:27
if i'm not careful i could procrastinate my life away

2012/11/09 23:47
two days ago i donated blood for the first time ever.

it was my fifth try though. every time before i was disqualified.

actually my whole college essay was on this- the feeling of wanting to give blood so badly but not being able to. to be honest it upset me a lot. giving blood to me is a basic way to prove my worth as a person. even if i do nothing else, i could save a life by sticking a needle in my arm for ten minutes. yet here i was, this healthy, eligible person, and i couldn't get my shit together for like the day needed for me to prepare to donate. so every time i was rejected, i'd leave the room crying.

this time in the end i was crying too. the nurse gave me a weird look, so i told her why. i don't think i'll ever forget the smile on her face afterwards.

2012/11/07 02:25
Lately I don't feel very well. Weak, I guess.

I should sleep more. I can't have my body fail on me right now.

But I'll be fine. I always am.

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